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» FREE SHIT MUDAFUKAZ...aka 'pay-it-forward' thread
by sean 601 Sun Sep 18, 2016 4:54 pm

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by darrenregina Fri Jul 15, 2016 7:28 am

» Grand Targhee Bike Park
by darrenregina Wed Jul 13, 2016 11:59 am

» 2015 Devinci Spartan Carbon Complete 650B 1x11 DVO
by VRvento Mon Jul 11, 2016 10:32 am

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by Cap'n Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:41 pm

» Raceface Tailgate Pad $70
by m0to Mon Jun 27, 2016 4:17 pm

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by Mint Sauce Wed Jun 15, 2016 10:17 am

» 2013 Session 88 frame 26 BRAND NEW
by 808Rippaz Tue May 31, 2016 3:00 pm

» 2015 Session 8 Park 26 BRAND NEW
by 808Rippaz Tue May 31, 2016 2:55 pm

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  • Announcement & Stuck
  • 20180118
     Global announcement:
    6th annual....GPSX. Back to Ellsworth. Back to Petco. My favorite day of the year. Check details HERE

    Public Lounge (public) Receiv10

    by Cap'n - Comments: 0 - Views: 59
  • 20160623
     Global announcement:
    Public Lounge (public) Banner10

    FIVE TEN is still the only shoe worthy of buying for aggressive bike riding. I asked them for a simple code...but they want to keep the deal through me. It puts a few bucks into GCI so you feel all warm and fuzzy inside too. I got the first few done to work out any kinks. All seems well. you go:

    1. Visit to shop for shoes, and save the product #'s.


    by Cap'n - Comments: 5 - Views: 236
  • 20160912
     Global announcement:
    I'm the new Liaison, work on North Fortuna and Big Rock
    What's up Lads! So... SDMBA decided that it was a good idea to make their new Mission Trails Park (MTRP) Liaison a DH guy! :)  I personally think it's a great idea and love the guy to death! :lol:

    So that being said, I'm looking to put together a core group of guys (and gals if any interested) from here to help redesign and maintain North Fortuna trail (North Fortuna peak to E-Ticket) and Big Rock trail (back side of cowles mtn) to make them more fun for advanced gravity riders.  The park is not concerned with trying to increase mtn bike traffic on these two trails and I have ZERO intentions...

    by bobafett - Comments: 19 - Views: 291
  • 20160413
     Global announcement:
    Summit and Mammoth have confirmed their 2016 deals with MTB Gravity Card! Go get one! Support the cause, and save some cash!

    by Cap'n - Comments: 4 - Views: 1039
  • 20160404
     Global announcement:
    It's time to get those discounted season passes.  Two options.  Summit only, or Mammoth and summit combined.


    1. Summit only $275 (269+2% tourism fee)
    2. Summit/Mammoth $367 (359+2% tourism fee)
    3. CHILD(5-12) Summit/Mammoth $101 (99+2% tourism fee...same price for Summit only child pass)

    Want in?  PayPal me the appropriate amount(  This means FRIEND PayPal me so there is no fee. :pirat:   In the paypal notes write your FULL name, and DOB.  That's all I need!  

    by Cap'n - Comments: 36 - Views: 838
  • 20151213
    Public Lounge (public) Screen32

    SUPERCROSS SEASON BABY!!  More fun every year...and an awesome excuse to ride/party! :twisted: See the schedule of events below.  I'm getting a group as many as you and friends welcome.  Ticket purchase deadline is midnight Jan 15..DON'T WAIT! I will suddenly cut this off when we hit the max tix.  My pad is open to all...including the night before if you're coming from out of town.  Expect simple floor space if you don't beat others to the better...

    by Cap'n - Comments: 34 - Views: 621
  • 20160106
    As per tradition, GP will go get the trails into shape prior to the GP/SX weekend.  Whether you're coming to that event or not, come on out and get your hands dirty!  Newer members, here's your chance to earn your keep. pirat  

    Meeting at my pad at 9am to carpool up.  Or meet at Ellsworth about 930 SATURDAY Feb 6th.  Your choice.  Bring a tool just in case we run short.  Rock rakes and flat shovels are the best tools.  Spades are the least useful. It's ok to bring your bike to get some ride...

    by Cap'n - Comments: 13 - Views: 227
  • 20150212
     Global announcement:
    Want something from Kali? Anything Kali makes! I have a dealer login....cause I'm cool and important. If u r thinking knees and shins, IXS is better. Helmets and such, Kali. So just hit me up with specific items/models/sizes via EMAIL( I'll add like 10% for GCI, and shoot u a quote that's hopefully lower than online win baby.  I'm thinking up unique ways to get this park built. Hey, put "KALI" in the subject line for me so I know you're not just another porn email.

    by Cap'n - Comments: 1 - Views: 173
  • 20120108
    Non-Members- There is only one way into GP...with a shovel.  You could come out to one of our organized group dig days.  Or, a current member can vouch for your past digging.   Just register and ask your friend(current pirate) to notify Cap'n.  Of always helps to post up a pic of your girlfriend.   :pirat:Call it tradition.

    Members- If you're a pirate, watch the public section for guys looking to come out and ride/dig in your area.  Meet up with them. GP is all about communication between downhillers.  Think of all the friends...

    by Cap'n - Comments: 43 - Views: 5427
  • 20151211
    Back by popular Schwalbe tire order. These are not the cheapie performance version junk....this is all the high end snakeskin or super gravity stuff unless otherwise noted.  Example...this Tire VVVVVV

    Public Lounge (public) Screen11

    by Cap'n - Comments: 27 - Views: 1387
  • 20160117
    Summer in NZ
    Good to see what's going on across the pacific. Still here in Queenstown New Zealand, where it's summer, tracks dusty, but makes the beer taste that much better (Atlas Bar the bikers local). Check us out come for a visit, lots of variety and Skyline Gondola open for bikes Oct through April (except over Christmas and Easter periods) with many new tracks this year and a great big jump line: "Huck ya" and lots of great tracks for shuttles, freeride and jump parks (Wynyard and Gorge Rd)....

    by Bikeychick - Comments: 2 - Views: 493
  • 20150813
    Hey I was wondering if anyone here builds wheels on the side for less than shop prices but enough for half a happy ending.


    by v0n - Comments: 9 - Views: 676
  • 20150628
    What say you? Summit has been busy making edits almost every week. Better or worse? And what needs to be changed still?

    by Cap'n - Comments: 22 - Views: 888
  • 20150428
    This is not a grpup order...I HAVE THE TIRES HERE AND NOW...AVAILABLE NOW! Who here wants to buy some new tires? Brand new Schwalbe Magic Mary Evolution MTB Tire 26" 2.35 Super Gravity 2015 trail compound.  These are not the cheapie performance version of the Magic Marys.  This Tire VVVVVV

    Public Lounge (public) Screen11

    Disregard that price....$49 cash TOTAL each!  Need them shipped to you?  You'll pay whatever that costs.  In my experience about $6 for a tire, $10 for two...still $10...

    by Cap'n - Comments: 14 - Views: 743
  • 20150417
    Got a GP jersey? Come join the GP pit walk! Leaving out of the pirate camp at 330. Free bike for all that show. Ya...that's it. See Bollucks to collect.

    by Cap'n - Comments: 4 - Views: 482
  • 20150401
    Blew up my wrist at Boot Bash this year. As I was flying through the air I knew this was gong to be really bad. I've seen two doctors now and both say the same thing, can't be fixed, but they can fuse it. Fusing ain't going to help me make World Cup level racing or will it? I have no idea where to go. They are surprised I'm not in a ton of pain now just riding and doing the things I do. Pretty much there is no cartilage left in the wrist and its almost bone on bone, The Scafoid bone is jamming into my radius. I want to return to racing 100% like I was. Does anyone know any doctors that can fix...

    by SEAQUIST - Comments: 17 - Views: 636
  • 20150323
    Are you having trouble getting your suspension to work for you and not against you? Want to fly through rock gardens and learn to rail corners without dragging your brakes?

    Gravity Pirates Racing is holding a suspension & skills clinic for riders at Black Mountain Open Space Park. GPR team riders and the experts from GarageWorks Suspension ( will be teaching suspension setup and basic mountain bike skills to help you become a faster rider and tackle more technical terrain.

    Get all the details here:

    by badkittyjing - Comments: 6 - Views: 677
  • 20150115
    Anyone have a seat tube mounted chain guide for ConMan? Used or ugly doesn't matter...just functional and light.

    by Cap'n - Comments: 1 - Views: 572
  • 20141213
    We're having an open house party and need your help getting ready. After that last storm there's a lot of work to do to get the pump track ready to ride.

    I'll be out at Crows Nest everyday this week working. If you're free this week please come down and get your dig on.

    The open House is this Saturday Dec 20. 10am -2pm

    by Sinner - Comments: 15 - Views: 979
  • 20141009
    Public Lounge (public) 10630680_957988364229370_671301385500467735_o

    YEE HAW!!!  The best riding party of the year is set to jet!  Only $119 for the package deal!  So get your order in now!

    (Btw, you'll notice there's "tax" on the paypal button.  That's to cover paypal fees.  Wanna save that fee?  U can just paypal 119.95 as friend to a tip to save you a couple bucks.)

    by Cap'n - Comments: 100 - Views: 3509
  • 20141125
    Most all of you know about ConMan.  I post more pics of him than myself.  After his first race at Fontana Sunday, it's painfully obvious that his current bike isn't built for racing.  Great for park riding since it's bomb proof.  But it's time to lighten this thing up.  Looking for suggestions from my GP peeps.

    Wheels: Heavy stock crap
    Cassette: 9sp made of lead
    Frame: Spesh Big Hit Grom
    Fork: Blown out 5yr old Revalation
    Shock: New Xfusion RC.  No controls nor progression.
    Tires: 2.35 DH beasts
    Tubes: yep...heavy DH tubes
    Cranks: Old 170 Hussafelts

    by Cap'n - Comments: 25 - Views: 1081
  • 20141110
    Last year was amazing with sponsors stepping up big time with raffle items.  This year looks to be awesome also!  IXS, Utopia, Loaded, Spank, Marzocchi, ONE, Nema , Schwalbe, and Kalii all kicking in.  Maybe even more between now and Bash.  This is thanks to everyone here who shows up to events, comes out to dig, posts in social media in support, etc.  You all know who you are!  And let's all thank 420 for taking the time to be our ambassador to these sponsors!

    This raffle will go down just like last year.  Anyone who bought a Bash package, and buys extra tickets, will have those extra...

    by Cap'n - Comments: 0 - Views: 524
  • 20131216
    The digging is in full swing to get GP Park built.  The sweat and time GP members are donating are inspiring.  We need the bike community to support this effort as well.  Lots of wood, hardware, tools, sandbags, and such are needed to get this done in a timely fashion.  PLEASE spread the word around the mountain bike world!  Social media, other forums, let's do this!  Finally a new place to put on TRUE DH RACES IN SOCAL!!!!

    by Cap'n - Comments: 24 - Views: 1551
  • 20141103
    Congrats to Bollucks (Marcus Atkinson)...our new 2015 GPR Team manager!  This position carries a lot of thankless hours and hand holding.  So thank you for volunteering so much of your personal time!  Badkitty will be providing support as an assistant manager.  This looks to be a winning combination since the role can be strenuous in short bursts.  Bollucks and I spent Saturday discussing his plans for 2015.  I have to say I'm excited!  If you applied to be on the team, you will receive a call from him this week.  He believes in personal attention to the riders.  And he's putting together a clear...

    by Cap'n - Comments: 9 - Views: 803

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