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VP Components DH Pedal

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VP Components DH Pedal

Post by Guest on Thu May 19, 2011 5:52 pm
Just picked up a pair of these pedals from Sea Otter a few weeks back and have put a few good hours on them. I have been very pleased with the performance of them so far. Taken them off a ten foot drop (new drop on skidmarx) without any bending or breakage, even after bottoming out half a dozen times because the landing is a little harsh. At first Glance they look like they wouldn't grip very well for how few pins there are (5). But then while riding they don't seem to wanna let go of your foot! (of coarse the 5 tens help) They are in the middle as far as how thin they are. nothing like the canfields but not a huge block either (cb 50/50s). And they are less than half the price of the canfields. they are about the same weight too. (390g) and of coarse they have sealed bearings. I also discovered, talking to the owner, that some time this summer they are going to come out with a replacement titanium axel to save even more weight. So overall, these pedals are shred ready, tested, and for the price, unbeatable.


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Re: VP Components DH Pedal

Post by ALONZO on Thu May 19, 2011 6:49 pm

Sweet! I've had mine for over 2months! not as grabby as the Kona Wah wah's, seems perfect to me tho...
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Re: VP Components DH Pedal

Post by Diesel on Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:35 pm

Ok, So i picked up a couple of sets of these.

I rode a week in rain and mud up is whistler. Paired up with the 510 freeride, they worked awesome. Very few pedal slips. Slightly sketchy in the extreme wet, but I can't imagine any pedals doing much better.

Here in So Cal, they perform great. On my trail bike, I clip in most of the time. But the trails I want to have extra fun on I use flats. Climbing with these pedals felt as good as my clips. But please keep in mind that I don't have the perfect 360 degree pedal stroke. Just regular mashing up the hills is great.

So far after a couple of months, many pedal strikes, none of the pins are broken. The pedal body has some major scrapes, but the pins are straight and perfect.

Excellent pedal. Especially for the price. Both of which suite my style perfectly.

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Re: VP Components DH Pedal

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